Working Together

To Reach Your Personal And Professional Goals

How It Works

Getting Started

Firstly, let’s meet and discuss what you are thinking about. I will listen to understand you and your goals and will tell you anything you need to know about me, my experience and qualifications.

I will offer ideas and share experiences that will help you decide on your next steps. If you decide you want to work together then I will put together a proposal for further discussion.

There will be no obligation or cost to you but hopefully we will move on to the next stage if not immediately then when the time is right for you.

Working Together

How we work together depends on what will work most effectively for you and your team. The current situation with Covid19 means that virtual is more popular at the moment. It is proving to be very effective for one to one coaching and also for group interactive workshops although face to face is still an option for many.


I offer highly practical and interactive workshops designed for you. In current times the group size will have to be reduced in line with the room size in order to keep safe, and covid secure ways of working will be agreed and implemented.

Virtual Workshops

The same results can be achieved. With cameras on, agreed ways of working and utilising breakout rooms and many more features, this really works.


We will meet to discuss your needs and agree a way forward. Following the no obligation meeting, if you choose to move forward, we will agree a plan. The usual amount of coaching is between one and six sessions depending on your needs.


I have international clients and more recently we have been able to continue our work together virtually. I can design the coaching or training to suit your business and cultural needs and deliver wherever you are in the world.


It is important to have a conversation with your potential coach before making the decision to go ahead. This will enable you to know if the chemistry feels right and therefore whether you have the right person as a coach. We would also discuss your hopes for the coaching in terms of desired outcome to establish if coaching is the right way forward.

This will depend on what you are hoping to achieve, and I am completely flexible. Many people will book between three and six sessions with between 4 and six weeks in between but that will depend on what is helpful for you.

We can meet face to face and my recommendation is to find somewhere informal and away from the workplace where you will feel comfortable. Some people even like to walk and talk. I also run many coaching sessions virtually with cameras on and for a few clients the phone is preferred.

Every single one is completely bespoke to the client needs and so the best way forward is for us to discuss. I will listen to what you are hoping to achieve, share ideas and experiences where relevant and produce a proposal for you to consider. This meeting is of course at no cost to you.

When they are in person they will typically be at a meeting venue that is suitable and convenient to you or in your own facilities if you have them and prefer to do that. All of them can be adapted to a virtual version with more, smaller sessions or alternatively you may want a combination of on and offline learning.

I work with an extended team of learning and development professionals who are also qualified and experienced coaches. We work together to support each other’s clients ensuring that a wide range of experience, qualifications and skills are available.

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I would love to chat about what you are looking to achieve. Give me a call, message or email, I look forward to hearing from you.